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Looking for a Home

Real Estate and Rentals in Savanna, Illinois

Housing in Savanna, Illinois
Housing is far cheaper in a small town than it is in a large city. The same amount of money can buy you a huge, spacious place in a small town, while it will buy you a one-bedroom tiny flat in a city. Which is fine for a young couple, but once you start a family and have children, it is much nicer if they grow up in a house with rooms to themselves.

Less Competiveness
In the event that you would like to open up your own business, starting in a small town makes sense because there is a lot less competition. It is easy to establish yourself in a small town first, and then start expanding to larger cities. And if you ever decide to do something on your own, you can rest assured that your contacts in small towns will be far more helpful than contacts in your city.

The friendships you can form in small towns are truly deep and everlasting. These are not friendships based on social status or bank balance, but are based on the character and nature of the person. Friends are friends in the real sense of the term, and are people you can bank on in times of need. True, you have friends in large cities too, but often friends don't have time for each other, and although they would love to be there for each other in times of need, it might not always be possible, especially when they have numerous other work and family obligations.

Realtors In Savanna Illinois
Our realtors can find you a place to live in Savanna or the surrounding area. Savanna is on the Mississippi River about 140 miles straight west from Chicago, Illinois. Several miles south is Thomson, Illinois; to the north is Hanover, Illinois; to the east is Mount Carroll, Illinois our County Seat.

With the Thomson Prison between Savanna and Thomson, Illinois being sold to the US Government, our realtors have been busy checking all available housing in the area to help the new government employees to find a place to live. Our realtors will be listed on this page with notes to what services they offer.

Realtor Listing
Mel Foster Co. Savanna
1801 Chicago Ave
Savanna, IL 61074
Phone: 815-273-1071